Aosta Valley wine

Aosta Valley wine is famous with the region’s holidaymakers. Because very little area is available for vine planting, production is tiny, with locals and tourists polishing off most of it. In wine terms, Aosta Valley – compared to, say, Tuscany or Sicily – is little known. However, for reasons we explain here, it is very high quality. Famous Aosta Valley producers include Les CrĂȘtes and Cave Mont Blanc.

Luckily, a small amount of Valdostano wine reaches our shores. You can find the Cuculo selection here.

Heart of the Italian Alps – enjoy Aosta Valley wine at the winery!

You can also visit Aosta Valley with Cuculo, as part of our beautiful Heart of the Italian Alps wine itinerary. After the disruption of 2020/21, we will be relaunching Heart of the Italian Alps ready to receive travellers in 2022. Heart of the Italian Alps is operated by our sister company, MacNay Travel & Wine.

The trip uses high quality, diverse accommodation between elegant, bustling Aosta and chic Courmayeur. Enjoy wine tastings and a range of unforgettable mountain experiences.

Aosta Valley wine trail

You can book the itinerary purely as a wine trip, but it is also available as an eight day, exhilerating, self-guided walking trip (difficulty: ‘hard’). We provide detailed directions and maps, make all bookings, and move your bags ahead of you.

Aosta Valley wine trail - Morgex

All bookings include a visit to mainland Europe’s highest white wine vineyards at Morgex (pictured).

In autumn 2021 Cuculo will publish our dates for accompanied small group bookings. You can also book the trip as an unaccompanied itinerary. In all cases, we provide detailed literature and take care of the logistics (inluding hotels and winery visits) for you.

For more information, to book a trip, or to buy the wines, you can contact us by email, phone or in-store. We look forward to welcoming you to the Aosta Valley very soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the flavour of this magical region through its wines and cheeses.

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