Dogliani DOCG

Dogliani DOCG takes its name from the town in the south-west of Piedmont’s Langhe. Dolcetto is the name of the main grape of this area. It makes dry and structured wines, which show lovely flavours such as cherry and almond. Dolcetto is one of the three noble red grapes of Piedmont, along with Barbera and Nebbiolo.

The Italian government created the DOCG in 2011. Previously it was Dolcetto di Dogliani DOC. The name change recognised the outstanding quality of wine the town produces. It leads from its neighbour, Barolo, into the higher Alta Langa. At this point it is close to the Ligurian Appenines, so cooler. The climate is therefore ideal for Dolcetto.

Whereas Barolo is entirely carpeted with vines, Dogliani is more pastoral, with woodlands, sheep, almonds and other produce. It is a wild and beautiful area to visit.

We highly recommend learning more about this town and its wines, and so point you towards the Langhe vini consortium web page and our own selection of Dogliani DOCG wines.

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