“British Specials” cheese box

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A carefully selected cheeseboard of prestigious rarities from around the country. The “British Specials” box contains the following cheeses:

  • 250g Individual Baron BigodUnpasteurised cow’s milk cheese; not suitable for vegetarians. Baron Bigod is made by Jonathan and Dulcie Brickmore at Fen Farm Dairy near Bungay in Suffolk, from their own raw Montbeliarde cows milk.

Christopher’s notes: this rich, golden cheese is similar to Brie De Meaux and very unctuous.

  • 150g Pitchfork CheddarUnpasteurised cow’s milk cheese; not suitable for vegetarians. The Trethowan family’s Pitchfork Cheddar won best traditional cheddar at The British Cheese Awards in 2019.  Pitchfork is made only 5 miles away from Cheddar itself, using traditional methods and cloth-bound with lard to mature. The name ‘Pitchfork’ originates from the way cheddar was historically made, when old farming tools were used to toss the curd whilst mixing in the salt. Similar methods are still used today, with contemporary additions to this heritage process. Pitchfork is matured with us for an exceptional 10-12 months, to develop its signature flavour.

Christopher’s notes: elegant and clean with a little acidity, this full-flavoured cheese is becoming a great favourite.

  • 150g Gorwydd Caerphilly – another treat from the Trethowans.  Gorwydd Caerphilly offers multiple flavours within one cheese: the centre is citrus sharp, rich and fresh, whilst the rind presents a contrasting earthy, natural flavour.

Christopher’s notes: distinctive, herbaceous flavours and slightly citrus.

  • 150g BerkswellUnpasteurised ewes milk cheese made at Ram Hill Farm near Coventry; made with Vegetarian rennet. Berkswell is a hard Ewe’s cheese with a natural rind that is slightly chewy and rusty brown-red in colour. The texture is firm, dense and slightly granular with an interior paste the colour of pale butter. Flavours are concentrated, sweet and very complex, with tremendous length and finish. There are often notes of pineapple and caramel overlaid with a balanced tang

Christopher’s notes: this Ewe’s milk cheese has a hard texture with a lovely nuttiness and distinctive flavour.


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