“British Specials” cheese box

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A carefully selected cheeseboard of prestigious rarities from around the country. The “British Specials” box contains the following cheeses:

  • 200g Lincolnshire Poacher – Unpasteurised cows’ milk cheese from Ulceby Grange Farm, Lincolnshire; Not suitable for vegetarians. This family-run dairy is committed to sustainable production, with, for example, solar panel and air turbine installations creating enough energy to make them a net producer over the year.  The cheese is made following the traditional “cheddaring” method where the whey is cut and stirred to the size of a grain of wheat, before being piled into blocks three times. The texture and flavour of the resulting cheese is the product of labour-intensive and skilled work.

Christopher’s notes: a lovely combination of a Gruyère/cheddar-style cheese with a savoury and nutty flavour.

  • 200g Sparkenhoe Red Leicester – Unpasteurised cows’ milk cheese from The Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Co. near Nuneaton, Warwickshire; not suitable for vegetarians. This is a new revival of a traditional cheese, which is delivered to us still in its cloth binding, having been matured for 6 months.

Christopher’s notes: rounded acidity with a mellow savoury flavour. The best Red Leicester available.

  • 200g Blacksticks BluePasteurised cows’ milk blue cheese from Butler’s Cheese in Lancashire; suitable for vegetarians. This cheese is made of milk from the herd at Lower Barker Farm, across the road from the dairy.

Christopher’s notes: lingers on the palate with a mild spicy tang.

  • Tracklements sticky fig relish.
  • Miller’s Harvest crackers for cheese.


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