Cinzia’s Truffled Brie 250g

The height of luxury from our own kitchens. An unripe Brie de Meaux is sliced open and generously filled with a truffle cream of our own secret recipe. As it matures the cheese and the truffle cream meld, creating a rich, pungent, ineluctable delight.


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    The story behind this cheese goes thus: we used to buy our truffled brie direct from a Parisian affineur. It would arrive on a large palletised consignment in mid-November, with a number of unripe, semi-ripe and ripe filled bries.  Then one year we unpacked our pallet and… guess what?  No truffle brie!  So Cinzia did what she does, which was to take the situation in hand and make her own.  The result was greatly superior to that we had previously been accustomed.  So that was the start of it… and although the recipe remains secret, these days Cinzia and her team mix and meld their way through what feels the entire truffle production of Piemonte.  If you’ve never tried Cinzia’s truffle brie, then what are you waiting for?

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    Gluten Free

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