Colston Bassett Baby Stilton 2.5kg

Of the six Stilton dairies, Cuculo’s selection has always been Colston Bassett.  With its compelling contrast of firm, creamy flesh and mellow, sweet blue flavours, this is the one our friends and colleagues in France and Italy ask us to bring with us.


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    Although the town of Stilton is in Cambridgeshire, production of its eponymous cheese is not permitted there! Instead, the licensing law states that the Stilton dairies must be based in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire (for Colston Bassett) or Leicestershire. Colston Bassett dairy was born as a farming co-operative in 1913, the idea of a local doctor, William Windley, who encouraged local farmers and dairies to work together to produce their own brand of cheese.  Through both wars Colston Bassett – along with all the country’s dairies –  was ordered by the Government to produce a basic cheddar.  However, unlike many of their peers, they kept alive their strain of penecillium roqueforti culture and returned to Stilton production as soon as they could.  It must have been tough, starting almost from scratch – twice – but the UK’s gastronomic heritage is all the richer for their dedication.

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