The Dough Miky: Pizza the Napoletana way

Order your pizzas here, fill in your details as normal, and make sure you receive your order confirmation. Then pay Michele when you collect. All other items should be paid for at checkout as normal.

This week’s menu: For collection on Thursday and Friday. The menu can be seen below in the description section.

Please note that for reasons of space owing to the arrival of our Christmas stock, our in-store seating is currently unavailable.

For collection: Michele is usually outside our shop on Heathfield High Street, but sometimes he parks to the rear, which you can access via The Twitten. Please note that we do not provide a home delivery service for pizzas.

Tell us any special instructions (e.g. ‘hold the mushrooms’) and request a collection time using the ‘Order notes’ at checkout. For extras not listed, please check with us first. We cannot guarantee your requested time but we’ll do our best. Once you’ve ordered we will give you a call to confirm.

Advance ordering is essential. We recommend you order your pizza as early as possible, as we are usually fully booked by the evening.


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  • Description

    Pizza menuMichele Macaro, aka The Dough Miky, cooks pizze in his wood burning oven outside Cuculo every Thursday and Friday.  He prepares his dough according to a secret recipe, which he learned from the most respected pizzaiolo in his home town of Gaeta. Gaeta is a pretty coastal town near Napoli, which makes your The Dough Miky pizza the real deal: an authentic, Neapoletan pizza.

    Buon appetito!

  • Allergies

    Dairy, wheat.

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