“Neh!” Langhe DOC Rosso by Punset

Grapes: an unusual blend of the three most important local varietals, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto

Alcohol: 14%

A bit of fun from a prestigious Piementese winery.

On the nose it is rich and fruity, showing deep aromas where summer red fruits give the main character.

On the palate it is full-bodied with great length; dry and lightly tannic.

Neh! is a versatile wine, ready to pair with most meals and cheeseboards.


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  • Description

    “Né’?” is probably the most popular piemontese slang word and it is known everywhere. It is used to give a positive emphasis to a conversation and it can also be find, with the same meaning, in other languages. In English the closest approximation might be “innit?”  The wine is organic, certified by Ecocert Italia. Innit?

  • Ingredients

    Organic certification: Ecogruppo Italia IT BI0008 operator V159.


  • Allergies

    Contains sulphites.

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