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Enjoy a gastronomic stroll through the rolling chalk hills of East Sussex. Away from the Downs, our heavy clay soil is not much good for crops, so we occupy ourselves with livestock.  As a result we are able to enjoy the fruits of the labour of a thriving community of cheesemakers – some long established and others still new.  This December, we present a selection for you to enjoy…

  • 150g Mayfield – Locally made by Alsop and Walker in Five Ashes. Hard, pasteurised cow’s milk cheese; vegetarian rennet.

Christopher says: Made to a swiss style Emmental recipe. Smooth creamy texture with a slight fruitiness.

  • 150g Kentish Blue – Made by Steve and Frank Reynolds near Staplehurst, Kent from unpasteurised Holstein cow’s milk; suitable for vegetarians.

Kentish Blue is a young blue cheese with a firm but moist texture. It has gentle smooth flavours on the first bite developing into a long lasting pleasant aftertaste. Our delicious raw milk gives it a unique taste. Serve on its own or crumbled onto salads, pasta and soups.

  • 150g Woodside Red – Made by Alsop and Walker in Five Ashes. Pasteurised cow’s milk cheese made with vegetarian rennet.

A hard Red Leicester style cheese with a dry crumbly texture and a mature flavour.

  • 250g Golden Cross, individually wrapped – Unpasteurised goat’s milk log made with vegetarian rennet, made near Lewes by Kevin and Alison Blunt.

Christopher says: dense and nutty with a superb flavour.

  • A pack of luxury cheese biscuits.


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