Vacherin Mont d’Or 500g

Winter is brightened by the arrival of Vacherin Mont d’Or, a luxurious seasonal treat from the mountains of the Swiss Jura. This tangy, gooey classic is matured in spruce bark to impart a unique pine aroma.  Vacherin Mont d’Or comes with a Cuculo recipe card for Boîte Chaude, a delicious winter dish made with garlic and white wine.


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    One classic regional wine pairing for Vacherin is (white) Chablis or (red) Beaujolais. With this in mind, we highly recommend the duo of wines from the marvellous Cincinnato winery in Lazio.  The “Bellone” has a delicious fresh mineral acidity, while the “Nero Buono” shows a crisp red fuit crunch.  Both are great value at £10.95 or 6 for just £60.


  • Unpasteurised Cow’s Milk.

    Not Suitable for vegetarians.

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