“Le Oche” Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOCG 2018 by Fattoria San Lorenzo

A fascinating, intense wine showing concentration due to skin extraction through maceration, and every day of the 12 months it has spent on its fine lees. Athough the tradition is for the non-Superiore wines of the appellation to be simpler and less ageworthy, this bottle shows the acidity and structural components one might expect from a more prestigious (and expensive) Superiore neighbour.  This has great appeal for immediate drinking, but also possesses all the necessary components for the development of flavour brought by an extended period tucked away.

The bouquet opens spicy and floral with green apple and quince. The wine has spent 12 months resting on its fermentation lees, imparting a rich, bright yeastiness.   On the palate, firm acidity and distinct spiciness with the classic “green” note of Verdicchio. A very satisfying body and finish.

A very well balanced and complex wine, which pairs with pasta with pesto, white fish and grilled vegetables.



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