Wine Tour: a century of Don PX.

Join us for a very special Wine Tour on Saturday 26 June at 18:45.

The history of Toro Albalá begins in 1922, when José María Toro Albalá began making wines as treasures for future generations.  José María understood that the sugars and concentration of flavour he was achieving in his harvests would develop beyond his own lifetime.

Now, thanks to his foresight and craftsmanship, and the inherent qualities in his land and vines, we can continue to enjoy these Don PX wines almost a century later.

We will be tasting the following wines (the shelf prices in brackets are for reference):

  • Don PX 2018 (£18.95 – 50cl)
  • Don PX Gran Reserva 1994 (£23.95 – 50cl)
  • Don PX Selección 1976 (£145 – boxed)
  • Don PX Convento Selección 1958 (£210 – wooden box)
  • Don PX Convento Selección 1929 (£255 – wooden box)

We’ll look at the Montilla-Moriles region, a history of the PX grape, and the Toro Albalá winery, but this Wine Tour is also a journey in time and history – so if you would like to contribute an important historical occasion which took place in any of these vintages, please let us know in advance and we can highlight it as we taste.


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  • The Tasting Pack

    The Wine Tour tasting pack is a unique combination of the following items:

    • 25ml samples of the following wines:

    Don PX 2018
    Don PX Gran Reserva 1994
    Don PX Selección 1976
    Don PX Convento Selección 1958
    Don PX Convento Selección 1929

    • A carefully selected “Deli Pack” of cheeses, cured meats and chocolates from our counters, chosen to pair with the wines.
    • An accompanying booklet of tasting notes with an order form.
    • Zoom codes and meeting link.
    • The presentation itself will last 45 minutes to an hour and, numbers permitting, we will leave the microphones on. If we do have to mute in order to reduce background noise, we encourage participants to temporarily unmute to ask questions and make comments about the wines.
  • About Wine Tour

    Wine Tour dates to 2007 and our early days in the wine industry.  At the regular exhibitions and wine fairs we attended, we found that our presentations were better than those of the businesses around us. We would usually end up with a big crowd of customers enjoying our wines and what we were telling them.

    At the time we didn’t have deep pockets to splash out on large quantities of free samples – but we also didn’t want to turn away customers – so we created a product out of the presentation.  And so Wine Tour was born.  The punters were very happy to pay for it, and we were happy to be able to present and sell our wines.

    Our range then was much smaller than it is now, so the format has changed, but the name has stuck, and continues to represent the innovative streak which has always characterised our business.

  • Delivery & Collection


    You will need to collect your Tasting Pack from Cuculo Cheese & Wine, 69 High Street, Heathfield TN21 8HU on the morning of Saturday 26 June.


    To ensure timely arrival, we ship Tasting Packs on the Wednesday, so please be sure somebody is there to receive the delivery on Thursday. Our standard courier rate is £10, but remote areas of the UK should check pricing and timing before placing your order.

    Tasting Packs sent by courier are beautifully presented, and make a delightful gift.


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