The Cuculo wine portfolio is managed in-house by James and the team. Extensive research, regular tastings and ongoing training are undertaken to bring you one of the UK’s highest quality and most comprehensive portfolios of single-estate Italian wine.

The Cuculo wine list is all about the esoteric brilliance of Italian winemaking. Through our relationships with growers and importers, the list is in constant review and steady growth, with regular new selections and special offers.

The team at Cuculo all have direct experience working with Italian wine, and undertake ongoing training through WSET and the Wine Scholar Guild – the two most important recognised organisations for professional wine study.

Because there is also an endlessly fascinating world of wine beyond Italy’s borders, the Cuculo wine list also includes a very carefully curated range from other countries.

Check our events page for forthcoming wine tastings.

In early May 2021 we ran a pair of tastings showcasing the genius of Campania’s Terredora winery. Here is a selection of wines from the estate. If you want to look into the historical heart of winemaking in the Italian south, start with Terredora.
The arrival of a box of samples from the Terrapura stable reminded us just how good – and what good value – Chilean wines can be. With bright, clean flavours so representative of their grapes (all single varietals) and growing regions, this suite of five Reserva wines is simply irresistible value. Production in Itata Valley dates back to the 1550’s, mainly because it boasts some of Chile’s best-suited geographical features for growing more delicate grape varieties, such as Pinot Noir. Grapes can easily over-ripen under Chile’s intense sun, but here the vineyards enjoy coastal exposure to Pacific breezes, rainfall, and cloud cover, allowing them to retain their light character.

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