Isle of Mull Cheddar by Sgriob-Ruadh Farm

The traditional farmhouse Isle of Mull Cheese has been made by the family since 1980.

A hearty, full-flavoured Scottish Farmhouse Cheddar, Isle of Mull is drier in texture than many other Cheddars.

The cheese’s flavours are upfront, richly savoury and boozy.

Isle of Mull is made with raw cow’s milk and animal rennet – so not suitable for vegetarians.

It is clothbound and matured for 12-14 months to create a full bodied, artisan cheese.


  • Description

    Isle of Mull logoIsle of Mull Cheddar is made by Sgriob-Ruadh Farm at Tobermory on beautiful Mull.

    This cheddar is one of Britain’s finest.  The farm has been making it for forty years, and is the last remaining dairy on the Hebridean Islands.

    The Tobermory Distillery provides the cows with whisky grains.  Whether you can say that you’re enjoying your ‘wee dram’ while you’re eating your cheese is a bit of a stretch – after all, why not just enjoy it in liquid form? – but we’ve no doubt the cows love it. (In case you’re wondering, the cows do eat grass, too…)

    Cheesemaking is very important to the island.  Cheese is a way to preserve the rich and plentiful milk of spring and summer.  Soft cheeses do not last so long, so a tradition of hard cheese making evolved naturally.

    The milkers at Sgriob-Bruadh take the morning milk directly from the parlour to the dairy.  They do not pasteurise their milk, because the process destroys the organisms which provide flavour and character.

    The winter cheese – when the cows are fed hay in their barn – is paler than in the summer, when they eat rich, green pasture grass.

    Isle of Mull is a thrilling cheese, which carries with it the tradition and history of a whole island.

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