11/11/23 ‘Fine Wine with Michael Palij MW’ tasting

It gives us the greatest pleasure to invite you to Cuculo for a fine wine masterclass with Master of Wine Michael Palij.

The event is at 7pm on Saturday 11 November and advance booking is essential.

Tickets are £85 and include the presentation, some great food, a self-pour session – in which you can revisit your favourites – and a £35 voucher to use against purchases of £500 or more of wines tasted on the night.

There’s more to this tasting than meets the eye – read on to find out why…



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  • Michael Palij MW & Cuculo - a story 20 years in the making.

    One of the world’s few Masters Of Wine – the qualification widely regarded as the most difficult of all – a look at the MW website can tell you about Michael’s interests and experience.

    But what no website will tell you is how far back we go with Michael. Here is the story….

    The year is 2004 and we’re in Oxford.  Cinzia and James have just met for the first time as fresh-faced work colleagues, in one of the colleges. One of many training sessions is dedicated to the appreciation of wine.

    It was Michael who gave the wine talk in each of the three years James and Cinzia worked at the company. From the first lecture, there was something in the way he explained the subject which really flicked a switch for them. In fact, it inspired James to start an import business, and that business evolved to become Cuculo Cheese & Wine.

    Fast forward to 2010 and James is looking to source some top quality Italian labels for Cuculo. He comes across an Oxford-based company which seems to have every base covered. An email later, and it turns out that the owner of that company is Michael Palij MW. Michael’s wines have featured in our portfolio ever since, and you’re guaranteed to have drunk some.

    So that’s the story. If you have ever bought anything from Cuculo – or if you’ve ever joined James and Cinzia on one of their Italian trips, then it is important that you know that there, at the start of it all, was Michael Palij MW.

  • The wines

    The wines Michael will be showing come from a fascinating selection of Italy’s most famous appellations and the esoteric jewels which keep us exploring this amazing country.

    They include a Riserva Brunello di Montalcino DOCG by Collosorbo; a cru Barolo from classy Damilano, and an Amarone della Valpolicella from the legendary Corte Sant’Alda estate.

    On the more esoteric side, we will enjoy iconic gems from Monecasca in Matelica, a cru Timorasso from Walter Massa in Piemonte, and the majestic Tintiliia del Molise by Cianfagna.

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