Porello Wine Tasting – Piemonte Perfection – Sunday 24 October 2021 @ 12:00

Meet iconic Piedmontese winemaker Marco Porello for a fascinating “Wine Tour” virtual tasting with James MacNay of Cuculo Cheese & Wine.

You can learn more about Cuculo’s Wine Tour series here.

As well as the wine samples (sizes and prices below), your Tasting Pack includes a Deli Pack of food, tasting notes and order form, and the Zoom meeting codes. Unusually, for this Wine Tour all participants will receive a full (75cl) bottle of Birbet.  This is because sparkling wine does not lend itself to being rebottled. The price also includes a small bottle deposit (£1 per bottle for 50ml & 100ml; £2 per bottle for 375ml) which we will refund on safe return of the bottles in reusable condition. If you would rather hang on to them, that’s fine by us.

  • £22.50 – 50ml samples of 3 wines (suitable for 1) plus a full bottle of Birbet; Deli Pack for 1.
  • £25.50 – 100ml samples of 3 wines (suitable for 2) plus a full bottle of Birbet; Deli Pack for 2.
  • £44.00 – 375ml (half bottle) samples of 3 wines plus a full bottle of Birbet; Deli Pack for 2.
  • £54.00 – 750ml (full bottle) samples of 4 wines; Deli Pack for 2 is free of charge.

Tell us your dietary requirements at checkout, or by phone or email.

Additional Deli Packs for 2 can be purchased for £5.50.

All packs can be shipped around the UK by overnight courier.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Description

    Welcome to the Porello Wine Tasting! The Porello winery is situated in Canale, in the heart of Piemonte’s beautiful Roero.  James MacNay and Marco Porello will broadcast directly from Marco’s winery, via Zoom.

    The combined Roero-Langhe wine growing regions are a UNESCO world heritage site in North-East Italy. This beautiful area contains the Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG appellazioni. However, wine makers here also grow an array of indigenous grapes which produce a superb selection of other wines.

    Marco farms fifteen hectares of vineyard. From these he makes four reds, three whites and, in addition, a sweet sparkling red, which goes by its traditional local name, Birbet. Cuculo stocks two of the reds (Barbera d’Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo), a white (Roero Arneis) and the Birbet. So these are the wines we will taste.

    Here is the full list. Bottle prices are provided for reference only.

    • 1. Camestrì Roero Arneis DOCG 2020 (£14.45)
    • 2. Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2020 (£14.95)
    • 3. Mommiano Barbera d’Alba DOC 2020 (£13.45)
    • 4. Birbet Vino Parzialmente Fermentato NV (£10.95)

    Weather and cellular signal permitting, this Wine Tour will come from the vineyards. Otherwise, it will be from inside the cantina itself.

    As usual, there is a range of sample sizes to choose from.   These are 50ml (suitable for one), 100ml (suitable for two), 375ml (standard half bottle) and 750ml (full-size bottle).

    IMPORTANT NOTE. In addition, and uniquely for this Porello Wine Tasting, all participants will receive a full 750ml bottle of the Birbet. This is because sparkling wine does not lend itself to decanting into smaller bottles.

    Meanwhile, the Tasting Packs include a Deli Pack of treats from our counters. So let us know your dietary requirements, if any, at the time of booking.

    Porello Wine tasting: timing

    To clarify, this Wine Tour will start at a different time to normal, at 12:00 on a Sunday. (Regulars will know that the usual time, on the other hand, is Saturday evening.)

  • About Marco Porello

    Marco Porello is an acclaimed grower and winemaker from the Roero growing zone, north of the Tanaro river in Italy’s Piedmont (Piemonte). Marco produces brilliant single-varietal wines representative of their grapes and growing areas. Highly regarded in the immediate locality and around the world, they are superb value for money.

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