Cuculo Cheese and Wine Club – subscription

Club members receive the best cheese at optimum ripeness, just at the time of sending.

Cinzia Long, owner of Cuculo Cheese & Wine

“My club selections reflect more than a decade of working with cheese.  It is a living thing, with its ups and downs.  For example, animals’ diets and lifestyles change with the seasons: a rhythm which profoundly affects flavour and texture. My passion is to understand that and to pass on my expertise to my customers.”

If you are looking to enjoy the very best cheese in peak condition – then Cinzia’s selection is the answer.

Meanwhile, James chooses a great bottle of wine to match the cheeses from his specialist Italian portfolio.

Learn more in the “Description” box down the page…

From: £29.50 every 3 months


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  • Description

    Cuculo Cheese & Wine Club StandardThe Cuculo Cheese and Wine Club.

    Cinzia began the the Cuculo Cheese and Wine Club because, over the years, she has become ever more aware of the seasonality of cheese (never better expressed than through the lens of Comte/Mont d’Or), and also the ways in which it evolves.  That’s not always easy to communicate in the hustle and bustle of a busy shop.  A shop where quality is already a byword.

    So, as a member of this Cheese and Wine Club, Cinzia selects for you the very best cheeses, at their optimum point of maturity.

    Meanwhile, James chooses a bottle from his portfolio of (mainly) single-estate Italian wines. He picks a bottle to complement the selection of cheeses, and then ensures it features in the next Wine Tour.

    It follows, that if you enjoy the bottle, why not book in for the Wine Tour? It’s a great way of getting to know the portfolio, to try some new wines, and to spend a thoroughly enjoyable hour.

    All this makes this Club a unique blend of the two components of Cuculo’s activities. Namely, top quality cheese, cut and wrapped in house, in its optimum condition. Together with wine from prestigious Italian estates.

  • Contents

    Cheese and Wine Club Contents

    The Cuculo Cheese and Wine Club comes in two different pack sizes, standard and large.


    The standard one costs £29.50. It contains:

    Cuculo Cheese & Wine Club Standard3 or 4 cheeses, totalling roughly 450g;
    A chutney/pickle/jam and pack of cheese biscuits;
    A bottle of wine from our portfolio;
    Accompanying tasting notes;
    Invitation to join the next Wine Tour at a reduced rate and with no additional delivery charge.





    The large one costs £76.50. It contains:

    Cheese & WIne Club large
    Example of a Large Club selection.

    3 or 4 cheeses, totalling roughly 900g;
    A chutney/pickle/jam and two packs of cheese biscuits;
    Two bottles of wine chosen from our portfolio;
    Accompanying tasting notes;
    Invitation to join the next Wine Tour at a reduced rate and with no additional delivery charge.





    About the wine…

    James maintains a high quality portfolio of (mostly) single-estate Italian wines. Club members receive a bottle (two in the Large pack) along with tasting notes.

    Not only is the wine chosen to pair with the cheeses, but it will be presented as part of the Wine Tour on the Saturday following your next delivery.

    …and Wine Tour…

    In your pack is an invitation to board the next Wine Tour. The timing is deliberate, because you can receive the Wine Tour wines in the same delivery as your Club box, meaning no extra delivery charge.

  • Details


    You can choose to have your pack monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

    The selections are shipped or ready to collect on the third Wednesday of each month.


    National overnight delivery is charged at our standard £10 rate.

    The cheeses are vacuum-sealed and shipped in innovative woollen insulation, with an ice pack.

    Please ensure somebody is there to receive the pack, as the cheese should go straight into the fridge.


    The first payment is taken at the time you place your order, and will repeat on the same date according to the frequency you choose.

    You can suspend or stop your payments at any time.

  • FAQ's

    Can I specify pasteurised and vegetarian cheeses only?

    Yes. When it comes to the cheese and wine selection, there are a number of options.

    If your requirement doesn’t appear, you can always include it in the “Extra information” box at checkout. Or call us on 01435 862596 if you want to check in advance.

    Can I suspend my subscription temporarily?

    Of course – just let us know with as much notice as possible, and we’ll pause for as many months as you need.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    Just let us know by email, and we’ll stop it straight away.

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